This page is created primarily to help the users of StumbleUpon enhance their blog and forum posts. The codes work on other forums and websites too, of course, but remember that many forums don't allow pure HTML.

Will these codes still work on SU?
The codes work, but as for whether they work on StumbleUpon itself - to be perfectly honest with you.. Most likely not. I don't use StumbleUpon anymore, and I've been sad to see it change over the years (oh, forums, how we missed you!). It's no longer possible to photoblog in the same way. The great image blogs are no more. All the same, I'm leaving the page up, in case anyone still has any use for it. It's more or less unsupported though. Thanks for viewing and happy stumbling.


Code Guide
An easy to use guide to HTML codes you can use when posting on your blog or in forums. Cut-and-paste codes, along with explanations and tips.

Code Generator
Select how you want your text to look (font face, size, italic, bold etc) click generate - and voilą, cut and paste your finished code!
The generator works perfectly in Firefox and Netscape, and to an extent in Explorer and Opera.
Based on an idea by firren.
Thanks a million to JC68HC11DLL for writing the code for me!

Scripts and bookmarklets
Scripts and bookmarklets to make your and your visitors' stay and the maintainence of your SU blog easier and cooler. This includes the Random Archive script for enabling visiting a random page of your blog, the Choose Archive script for easy jumping from page to page - even hundreds of pages apart - in your blog, and the all-new Back up your blog bookmarklet, for easily backing up your SU blog!

Color chart
Just need colors? We've got them!

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